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IPad 2018 (6th generation) Review: Vague brushed over review for the uninitiated or only vaguely interested..

My first iPad and iOS device. Review summary: I like it. You should buy one. If you want or have been convinced you need a tablet… First off.. If you’ve owned previous tablets/phones then no doubt you’ll be well aware of the (fairly tedious) setting up process when you first get one. Here is no

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Museum of Science and Industry- Manchester: Robots

The kids are off so let’s go and look at things.. The kids are off. I’m off. We’re a bit bored. So I decided that we should go see the robot exhibition at the MOSI in Manchester… After passing through the main part of the museum…after trying to dodge the ‘suggested donation’ bit of course..you

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Signing stuff… why..?

You don’t know do you? I’m pretty sure that, like me, from a young age you were told to practice your signature. You were probably scratching something vaguely resembling your future signature in the desk at high school. Formally declaring your everlasting love to your new girl/boy friend. To be eternally together. A permanent fixture

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