Museum of Science and Industry- Manchester: Robots

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The kids are off so let’s go and look at things..

The kids are off. I’m off. We’re a bit bored. So I decided that we should go see the robot exhibition at the MOSI in Manchester…

After passing through the main part of the museum…after trying to dodge the ‘suggested donation’ bit of make your way to the first floor. Museum visits always have an air of being a guarantee to be underwhelmed. I’m not entirely sure why. Reading too many parent handbooks when the kids were young, telling me all the cultural things I should be doing. Because my then one year old will be able to remember all the 18th century, industrial machines I’m showing her.

She’ll be able to recite the little plaque about the producer of the world’s first loom and be able to draw his heavily moustached face to an accurate scale well in to her 80s. Museum visits often have an air of ‘forced fun’ by high competing parents and spoiled noisy kids. The only bonus to the museum is the gift shop with the 300% mark up on a toy spaceship. A gift shop that you can’t avoid going through…

Anyways . .. Robots…

Floating Baby Jesus with a Jack Nicholson out of The Shining head on it..

The first thing you are greeted with upon entering is the weirdly animatronic baby. He or she seems to beam a holy light upon you. Both blessing you and freaking you out at the same time.

Or maybe you’d like this replacement for your child. In no way would you feel any differently towards this beautiful creature if your significant other presented him/her to you after a hard day at the Toothpaste tube filling factory. “Darling our beautiful baby has all grown up! Love it. LOVE IT!

Or perhaps this more realistic toddler lumberjack would be more appropriate for your child needs. His many skills include wood chopping, rolling/chewing tobacco and shooting baby animals for sport.

This Snapchat filter on wheels could happily bring you your morning cup of steaming coffee with a bright, blue eyed smile. Don’t be surprised if he also had the cat skewered on his opposite hand in a failed attempt to bring you a grilled meat product.

A rather enjoyable few hours was had really. Some large robots that for all purposes looked like a second prize attempt by a fifteen year old entering a school competition entitled ‘Future of labour’ or something were a highlight. Mainly consisting of possibly large blocks of wood with badly cut shaped pieces of aluminium bent around them.

Don’t forget to look in to the dead eyes of your future robot masters..

I for one will be at the front of the queue offering my allegiance and laying down my children’s lives (not mine of course, I’m not an idiot) for the metallic overlords that will be using me as a human battery and recycling my body for fuel…

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