Fortnite…a quick review by my son Christopher (11)

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Fortnite 9/10 fortnite is a 3rd person unique battle royale game with a save the world campaign. The battle royale side of the game is what makes the game so popular. The game mode battle royale originally came from the film where 100 people kill each other to become number 1. After this film came out a few years later players unknown battlegrounds came out, 1st and 3rd person shooter where 100 people drop out of a ship into a big map and grab guns and try to become number 1.

This game became very popular and on steam grew up to 3 million concurrent players which broke records, then fortnite jumped on the battle royale train and put on a twist in fortnite….. you still drop on a map 100 people but instead of getting guns you can also build walls stairs platforms and triangles which can be very helpful in many ways.

What also sets fortnite apart is it’s free,well battle royale is so anyone can get it it’s on pc, mac, xbox, ps4 and it is on iOS and coming to android and will probably go on the Nintendo switch.

Because fortnite is free there is of course in game purchases. These are called “v-bucks” and these are used to buy skins, pickaxes and gliders. These don’t provide any advantage and are just cosmetic.

There is also the battle pass which is a tier based system where you level up and can get skins picked and more for only 950 v bucks but they only last 60 days. The game runs smoothly on a xbox one and is very fun and doesn’t get boring quickly and overall is a great and fun game.

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