Tomb Raider (2018) Quick review

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Basically a Lara Croft montage interspersed with flashbacks and daddy/daughter bonding

I’m not entirely sure what happened in this film. I’ve played most of the games and watched the other films so I kind of assumed it would be mediocre at best. I wasn’t largely disappointed..

Lara Croft

I’m not bothering searching up names of actors. She’s suitably similar to the original games and a good replacement for Angelina Jolie.

Other actors

Yeah lots of those.


You could probably fill the plot in yourself. She starts off with some silliness on a bike in London or something. Getting chased through the town by other courier workers in a staged fox hunt (I don’t know why). Then she’s doing some business with her dad dying then visits a vault or memorial or whatever. After finding a key in a riddle.

The vault

Finds out stuff about her dad (one of those “if you find this video then it means I’ve died”) massive yawn.

Action starts

Before you know it she gets thrown from a boat and ends up on the wing of a rusty plane. Not sure about the bits inbetween. I believe this bit is from the game. The scene looks very similar cgi wise. Boat goes over a waterfall or something.


Some guy who, could be any evil generic guy running a captive work camp in a desert, finds her. Gets something from her bag (did I mention the bag?) and uses it to find some secret tomb or something.

Meets her dad. Can’t remember how.

I think she escaped from the camp? I was really shutting down inside by this point. Plus I went to the toilet.


She ends up opening the main tomb where the evil guy wants something from. Some bad acting and tomb like puzzles. Copying the game I think.

Near the end (thank God..)

The tomb has a secret of some nasty virus. Anyway I was very bored by now. My popcorn and drink nearly finished I had no distractions.

Suitably predictable ending of a promise of a follow up.

3/10. Please don’t bother. Wait for the blu ray to come out so you can ignore that instead.

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