Donald Trump and gun reform comedy farce..

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Guns don’t kill people, people kill people…

So says the National Rifle Association’s executive vice president Wayne LaPierre.

I gather this is a long time used statement when in defence of (by ‘in defence of’ I mean when gun use has become that bad it’s made national news, and by “bad” I mean yet another school shooting) gun use so let’s pull it apart. Pulling it apart should be as easy as pulling apart yet another variety of pulled pork – pork product at your local eatery.

People definitely kill people. Of this, I’m certain, there can be no doubt. Sharks kill people too. Step ladders. Bees. Alcohol. I Imagine the odd roll of carpet and even a spoon has been implicated in the untimely demise of some unfortunate soul. The issue, I believe, is in the fallacious remarks suggesting that the gun itself shouldn’t be blamed. What has the gun ever done to anyone in the whole history of man? Nothing… nothing I tells you. Except when attached to the end of a human arm.

It seems that the issue most folk have could be summed up as follows:

  1. Guns are an extremely efficient method of killing people.
  2. Guns are easily attainable in America.
  3. A single bullet can kill someone.
  4. Guns can be bought that fire multiple bullets a second.
  5. Virtually anybody in America can get their hands on one.
  6. I can’t imagine rolls of carpet or spoons can do this.
  7. More guns please. Everybody should have a gun.
  8. Bigger guns. Bigger than yours. Louder and more powerful.
  9. Guns to be implanted in the womb so the developing foetus is well accustomed to the world at large.
  10. Background checks should be based on whether the shop owner likes the look of you or how much profit he’s made that day and whether or not he’s had an argument with his wife.


The often cited 2nd amendment is used as some bizarre defence to the carrying of high power weapons. Because hundreds of years ago when the 2nd amendment was written, they knew that in the future teenagers would be able to buy guns that could probably take down a herd of elephants on one clip.

National Rifle Association – what we really need is an association that deals with rifles. Nationally.

I have an inherent mistrust of any organisation that can be reduced to a three letter acronym (you will too, think about it..) Especially one that rolls off the tongue so well. Why is there a need for the NRA? The main assumption has to be around the huge profits involved in gun sales. Combined with the need to have a shiny noise making cock extension deposited in every room of the house and maybe one in the socks of your toddler for luck.

The role of Trump in all of this seems a strange one. He is republican. Therefore he is pro gun and automatically pro NRA. The linking of republican parties and guns must be long and historical. We don’t associate democrats with tree hugging and chaining people to the railings of the local animal testing lab.

The standard response of any president is to usually talk about how terrible the death and destruction is for a few weeks before letting the news gradually fade away to the sounds of some new middle eastern atrocity or distracting bulletin on a severe weather front using this month’s random name storm generator.

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